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Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Clear ur all internet activity history.
>Go to RUN
>Type inetcpl.cpl
>It will clear browsing history, cookies & offline data.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Try To Edit Ur Videos Online:

>Just upload Ur Video to
>Edit it frm
>U can Add:
-Transition Effect
- & More
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
How to mentioned any one in status or comment on fb...
-Go to fb
-login to ur account
-type @ in status or comment
-than type any frnds name
must do
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Copy the Codes and Paste in your Facebook Chat Box .
Codes For Animated Emoticons :-
[[126221767389776]] :- Spinning Heart Animated Smiley.
[[110566395653359]] :- Cat Lick Monitor Animated Smiley.
[[110780922298250]] :- Heart On Fire Animated Smiley. [[126220920723194]] :- Santa Animated Smiley.
[[126540207361797]] :- Inlove Animated Smiley.
[[127878643893717]] :- Clapping Animated Smiley.
[[394930959230]] :- In Sleep Animated Smiley.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Unblock Ur Facebook Friend Request 100% working:
1. Go to facebook account & check that how many days ur friend request still blocked.
2. Then go to Date & time on ur computer & increase the date.
Example: If ur friend request block for 30 days, then increase the date to 1 month.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Now i am gooing to tell u a trick to Upade Facebook Status In Blue Color Login to Facebook Click update status Paste below code to ur status

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Text Here ]]

Replace ” Your Text Here” with ur status Click Post Status will be updated in Blue color ©
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Restoring a lost Desktop is simple now:
> Start
> Run Type a "period"
> Then press Enter.
U can do this to restore desktop.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 1 year ago
Forget Computer Passwrd?
>Restart Pc
>Press F5
>Select-Safe Mode
>Goto-User A/c
>Remove Password