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Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 3 years ago

Teacher: What is a verb?
Student: A verb is a valve found in bicycle tyre.

Teacher: What are you saying?.
Student: It is a complete sentence.

Teacher: Are you mad?.
Student: It is a question.

Teacher: Dont be silly.
Student: It is an advice.

Teacher: Stop that nonsense.
Student: It is a command.

Teacher: You are an idiot.
Student: It is an insult!.

Teacher: Get out of my class.
Student: It is an order!

Teacher: Oh my God! What a shame!
Student: It is an exclamation.

Teacher: May God have mercy on you.
Student: It is a prayer sir!
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 3 years ago
Its the second Week of June...!!

Dis is dat wonderful time when some years back, d most exciting things of our lives used to happen....

"Our school used to re-open...!!!"

For a moment, just think of it all.......
And try, if u can visualize those days....

Dat xcitement of a New Bag...!!

New Books....!!

The end of an exiciting vacation, wd a tinge of sadness....!

A bit of anxitey on the 1st day of another school year....!!

The unforgetable Smell from d Pages of New Books....!!

New Subjects....!

New Teachers.....!!

New Sitting Positions in d Class....!

N d Most Exciting was to Welcome our Best Friends in d Class.....!!

The sight of our secret crush after a long gap....!!

D Pouring Rains Outside...!!!
The shopping for Raincoat !! Everything around us Freshend Up....
Lush Green....
Cold n Pleasant..!!

Wasnt it the most beautiful period of our lives...?!!

It can never return...

But u can always Close ur Eyes for a moment,
and try to Relive it....

And dont forget 2 experience the same, through the Kidz heart....!!!

Wishing u a nostalgic June...!!!
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 3 years ago
Doston k sath wo mastiyan, badmashiya fir kahan.. Fir kahan

history ka wo class bunk karna chemistry k period m sona fir kahan.. Fir kahan

teacher k question puchne p chup chup khade hona Teacher k absent hone p jayda kush hona fir kahan.. Fir kahan

jeele is pal ko jee bhar k ye sab fir kahan.. Fir kahan
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 3 years ago
Kabhi Kabhi Dil Chahta Hai Kuch Aisa Ho
Paper ho par Result na aye,
Class ho par Teachr na aye,
Bus me baithe par School n jaye,
Picnic jaye or Wapis na aye,
Hafte me 3 din ho or
fir Sunday aye,
Sote rahe Dinbhar,
Shaam ko Ghumne jaye,
Hum bilkul na Padhe or
Pass ho jaye,
Sab dost sath rahe or
Chuttiyan manaye,
Jise chahte he Dil se
vo Apna ho jaye,
Barish me Bhige or
Zor se gae,
"Duniya ko bhul kar fir Bachche ban
Bheed se dur ek Duniya banaye,
Sari Zindgi bas yu hi kat jaye,
Kash ye sare Sapne Sach ho jaye,
Kabhi Kabhi Dil Chahta Hai Kuch Aisa Ho