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Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
Collage related movies.
Q.paper- RAAZ
Final exam-MURDER
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
LAST ball 6, LAST ball wkt, LAST min goal, . often wins the game, . dats why studnts are still confident dat LAST day study can win an exam 4 them!
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
Abraham lincoln: if i hv 8hrs 2cut a tree, i spend 7hrs in sharpening d axe! . gr8 STUDENTS: If V hv 8 hrs 2study, V spend 7hrs in searching the books! .
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
1000S oF YeArS HaV PaSsd, MiLLoNs oF ToMoRoWs WiL CoMe, BuT sTiLL, HoPe S aLiVe iN aLL sTudNTs- . . . . . . . . ."ToMoRoW i WiL deFiNiTLy sTaRT.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
There are 3 kinds of students:
1.Some make wonders happen.
2.Some see wonders happen.
3.Others wonder what happened...
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
some times we fail to understand the feelings of very close people in our life..
bcoz, a book held very near to eyesis very difficult to read!
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
Itni siddat se book uthane ki koshis ki hai,ki har jarre ne mujhe sulane ki sajhis ki hai,
kahte hain agar kisi chapter ko pure man se padho to puri kayanat tumhe confuse karne mein lag jati hai,
agar aisa nahin hai to chapter syllabus k bahar hai mere dost.
Himaŋshʋ Gʋpta : 4 years ago
Small angry,
Silly fights,
Simple sms,
Serious jokes,
Sensitive feelings,
Senseless speak, mixture of all the above S
is our Classroom